Wedding Service Options

Full Service Coordination

This option is a perfect fit for the couple that wants someone along for every step of the planning process.  Lola & Co. will bring your wedding day dreams to life; we will provide extensive resources and planning to make sure you big day exceeds what you had in mind, all while adhering to the budget you set. 

Partial Coordination

This option is perfect for the couple that has nailed down some of the wedding details but still wants someone to assist with the remaining planning.  Lola & Co. will provide you with everything you need to make all the final decisions and give you the ability to relax for the remaining planning stages and day of. 

Day Of Management

This option is perfect for the couple that has planned their dream day and want to enjoy the moment instead of stressing over the details.  Consultation begins approximately one month prior to the wedding.  Lola & Co. will take over vendor management, your rehearsal and day of duties.